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Amsoil-Altrum Nutritional Supplements World’s Best Multis and Enzymes

Amsoil-Altrum Nutritional Supplements World's Best Multis and EnzymesAmsoil-Altrum Nutritional Supplements
World’s Best Multis and Enzymes

Amsoil-Altrum Nutritional Supplements are your foundation for good health. These products are a powerful line-up of the “World’s Best” Multis and Enzymes, Superfoods, A.J.’s Signature Formulas and Technical Supplements. Formulated with the highest-quality ingredients available, each supplement provides the nutrients you may not get through your diet alone.

The flagship products of this line are the Ultra Multis (advanced multi-vitamin, superfood supplements) and the Ultra Daily Enzymes (advanced digestive enzyme formula). The Ultra Multis and the Ultra Daily Enzymes are the foundation of the ALTRUM Nutritional Program. Combine Ultra Daily Enzymes with one of the Ultra Multis and assure yourself a powerful start to your health program and a more vibrant life. Then, enhance your ALTRUM Health Program with any other premium ALTRUM nutritional formula.

Amsoil-ALTRUM Nutritional Supplements are manufactured in the U.S.A.


The ALTRUM Story
Established in 1985, the ALTRUM Division of AMSOIL INC. offers high quality nutritional supplements designed to maximize health and nutrition. ALTRUM provides the same excellence in health products that AMSOIL first established for lubricants in 1972.

The ALTRUM Division was founded on Al Amatuzio’s unwavering belief that good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are vital to success.

Amatuzio’s drive for enhanced nutritional products and insistence on all natural, high-quality ingredients remain the driving force behind the ALTRUM Division. The same principles of high product quality and performance that apply to AMSOIL products also apply to the ALTRUM line.

Amsoil-Altrum Product Catalog


Amsoil-Altrum ULTRA Multi (without iron)

Amsoil-Altrum ULTRA Multi (without iron)

Same great formula as the Ultra Multi (DNU) but without the iron. A.J.’s Ultra Multi is formulated for males who have sufficient iron in their diets from high iron foods, such as meat, and high iron content water.
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Amsoil-Altrum ULTRA Multi (with iron)

Amsoil-Altrum ULTRA Multi (with iron)

The Ultra Multi (DNU) is the premium upgrade to the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) original multivitamin, which is now our economy multi. The Ultra Multi provides all the benefits of the original DNS multi plus 38 new ingredients.
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Amsoil-Altrum DNS Economy Multi

Amsoil-Altrum DNS Economy Multi

The DNS Economy Multi contains over one dozen supplements in one formula providing significant levels of every nutrient considered important for human health, all in a balanced form to work synergistically for optimum effectiveness. It is the original ALTRUM multivitamin formula.




Amsoil-Altrum Longevity Enzymes

Amsoil-Altrum Longevity Enzymes

Longevity EnzymesTM support metabolic enzymes that run and renew our bodies. Ultra Daily Enzymes, our food enzyme formula, supports digestive enzymes which digest our foods. Both ALTRUM Enzyme Formulas help you fully maximize and conserve your body’s life-supporting and youth-renewing metabolic enzymes.




Amsoil-Altrum Ultra Daily Enzymes

Amsoil-Altrum Ultra Daily Enzymes

Ultra Daily Enzymes (DEU) is an all-natural, high potency, digestive enzyme supplement replacing enzymes lost in food. Ultra Daily Enzymes supplies powerful, plant-derived food enzymes to digest protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, milk, lactose, beans/legumes and many other nutritional factors releasing their life-supporting nutrients.




Amsoil-Altrum Daily Enzyme Support

Amsoil-Altrum Daily Enzyme Support

Daily Enzyme Support (DES) is the economy version of Ultra Daily Enzymes. Experience the original ALTRUM enzyme formula at an economy price. It is a great starter enzyme product.




Amsoil-Altrum Children's Chewable Multi

Amsoil-Altrum Children’s Chewable Multi

Children’s Chewable Multi contains ingredients from the Ultra Multis that are suitable for children one and a half years and older or for adults who prefer a chewable multi.




Amsoil-Altrum Ultra Probiotics™

Amsoil-Altrum Ultra Probiotics™

Probiotics play an essential role in maintaining overall health by supporting the digestive and immune systems.*





Amsoil-Altrum Memory Focus

Amsoil-Altrum Memory Focus

ALTRUM Memory Focus provides the proven premium nutrients that give you this most powerful nutritional formula. Memory Focus supports thinking power, sharp mental focus and vibrant memory. And it protects your brain’s function.



Amsoil-Altrum Vision Power

Amsoil-Altrum Vision Power

Vision Power was painstakingly researched and designed to provide optimal nutritional vision protection. It provides the highest quality premium eye health ingredients and potencies. You won’t find this level of nutritional vision support in any other eye health product.




Amsoil-Altrum Nutritional Oils

Amsoil-Altrum Nutritional Oils

ALTRUM Nutritional Oils includes a unique combination of vital nutrients that work together for enhanced effectiveness. This formula includes three exceptional sources of essential fatty acids (EFAs): flaxseed, borage and fish oil in one comprehensive product.




Amsoil-Altrum Ultra Omega-3

Amsoil-Altrum Ultra Omega-3

Ultra Omega-3 is a concentrated omega-3 product providing an ideal source of the highest quality EPA and DHA essential fatty acids from premium, molecular-distilled marine lipids from fish oils.




Amsoil-Altrum Upliftment Formula

Amsoil-Altrum Upliftment Formula

Upliftment Formula features a synergistic combination of nutrients for maximum results in providing mental and emotional balance with a soothing and calming effect. It is a natural mood elevator with no unnatural side-effects.




Amsoil-Altrum Joint Formula

Amsoil-Altrum Joint Formula

The ALTRUM Joint Formula is nutritional support for healthy joints, cartilage, and connective tissue. For years, arthritis sufferers could do little more than take anti-inflammatory agents for discomfort. Steroids have severe side effects and cease to work effectively when taken on a continual basis and aspirin often upsets the gastrointestinal tract.




Amsoil-Altrum CoEnzyme Q-10

Amsoil-Altrum CoEnzyme Q-10

The therapeutic benefits of Coenzyme Q-10 (also known as CoQ-10) have become widely recognized and are becoming a standard in nutritional therapy for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.




Amsoil-Altrum Ultra Calcium Complex

Amsoil-Altrum Ultra Calcium Complex

Ultra Calcium Complex is a state-of-the-art, premium calcium formula containing several highly absorbable forms of calcium, including carbonate, aspartate and citrate. Many additional co-factors have been included and balanced in the formula for optimal calcium absorption and utilization.




Amsoil-Altrum Cold Season Zinc Lozenges

Amsoil-Altrum Cold Season Zinc Lozenges

Amsoil-Altrum Cherry-flavored ALTRUM Cold Season Zinc Lozenges also contain slippery elm, a folk remedy to soothe sore throats, along with echinacea and propolis (two immune system enhancers), plus the antioxidant vitamins A and C.




Amsoil-Altrum Orange Juice Chewable C

Amsoil-Altrum Orange Juice Chewable C

Amsoil-Altrum Orange Juice Chewable C starts with a base of freeze-dried oranges, orange pulp, honey and lemon bioflavonoids, a tasty way to increase your vitamin C intake.





Amsoil-Altrum Stress Management System with Vitamin B Complex

Amsoil-Altrum Stress Management System with Vitamin B Complex

Amsoil-Altrum Stress Management System contains B-complex vitamins that are required for proper functioning of the nervous system. This formula also contains nutrients important for the production of anti-stress hormones, the functioning of the immune system and the utilization of B complex vitamins such as vitamin C, zinc, choline and inositol. These B-complex vitamins maintain a healthy nervous system. They are also coenzymes involved in energy production and can be useful in fighting depression or anxiety.



Amsoil-Altrum Vitamin C-600

Amsoil-Altrum Vitamin C-600

Controlled release Vitamin C-600 with Rosehips provides 600 mg. of this potent antioxidant per tablet. It aids growth and repair of tissue, including bones and cartilage, promotes healing of wounds and production of anti-stress hormones, and may help prevent and reduce the severity and duration of colds and the flu.




Amsoil-Altrum Vitamin E-400

Amsoil-Altrum Vitamin E-400

Amsoil-Altrum Natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) is a powerful antioxidant with many demonstrated health benefits. Vitamin E-400 with Selenium provides 400 I.U. of vitamin E, plus 50 mcgs. of selenium per tablet.




Amsoil-Altrum Daily Garlic Support

Amsoil-Altrum Daily Garlic Support

Each ALTRUM Daily Garlic Support capsule provides 417 mg of concentrated garlic powder, which is equal to half a garlic bulb. One bottle contains 120 capsules.




Amsoil-Altrum Bee Pollen Complex

Amsoil-Altrum Bee Pollen Complex

Bee pollen dates back to ancient Greek civilization and has been recognized as a source of rejuvenation and longevity. The original Greek Olympic athletes were said to have used bee pollen as part of their training diets, and many of today’s athletes still use it to enhance performance. Superfood Bee Pollen contains 600 mg bee pollen, 12 mg royal jelly and 12 mg bee propolis.




Amsoil-Altrum Phytonutrient Support

Amsoil-Altrum Phytonutrient Support

There are many phytonutrients in vegetables that we should consume daily. It may be difficult to eat the recommended five daily servings. That’s why supplementing with nutrient rich, concentrated vegetables, as found in the Superfood Phytonutrient Support, can provide high contents of health-providing phytonutrients. This formula is packed with phytonutrients naturally occurring in vegetables and deep greens.



Amsoil-Altrum Alfalfa

Amsoil-Altrum Alfalfa

Alfalfa’s roots grow deep into the earth making it one of nature’s richest mineral sources. Alfalfa contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and all known vitamins. The minerals are in a balanced, natural form that enhances absorption. Alfalfa is a superfood rich in nutrients, especially phytonutrients, chlorophyll and minerals. Superfood Alfalfa contains 500 mg dehydrated alfalfa. Super green food that supports arthritic control support. One bottle contains 160 tablets.



Amsoil-Altrum Lecithin

Amsoil-Altrum Lecithin

Superfood Lecithin features 1,200 mg. soya lecithin in gelcap form. It helps prevent arteriosclerosis and protects against cardiovascular disease. Superfood Lecithin also promotes energy and is an excellent source of choline. It also contains linoleic acid and inositol. One bottle contains 90 gelcaps.




Amsoil-Altrum Roborant Energy

Amsoil-Altrum Roborant Energy

Roborant Energy™ means restoring natural energy and strength. The word “roborant” means strengthening; to restore vigor, strength and endurance, to have the “strength of the oak.” This defines the seven body-vitalizing “Root of Life™” herbs found in Roborant Energy™. This “Root of Life™” supplement provides missing nutritional elements that restore cellular nutrients daily for natural energy function. Use A.J.’s Roborant Energy™ for daily restoration of vigor, strength and endurance.



Amsoil-Altrum Prostate Formula

Amsoil-Altrum Prostate Formula

A.J.’s Prostate Formula is a natural, state-of-the-art nutritional formula containing 14 vital prostate supporting ingredients including the three herbal extracts shown in European studies to improve prostate function dramatically and shrink enlarged prostates for aging men. These natural ingredients provide important nutritional benefits for the prostate gland, which is directly involved with sexual function, and help address the most common prostate condition, an enlarged prostate.



Amsoil-Altrum Male Power

Amsoil-Altrum Male Power

A.J.’s Male Power is a breakthrough premium product designed for men who want to increase their male potency and stamina. This unique formulation of twelve super nutrients provides optimum masculine nutritional support. Male Power contains premium quality siberian ginseng, damiana, sarsaparilla, saw palmetto oyster extract, gotu kola, cayenne, bee pollen, royal jelly, raw prostate, raw testicular, zinc and histidine.



Amsoil-Altrum Brain Power

Amsoil-Altrum Brain Power

A.J.’s Brain Power brings you the power of ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo comes from the ancient ginkgo biloba tree. Ginkgo has been shown to improve brain function and memory, slow aging, enhance energy, reduce depression and risk of heart disease, inhibit blood clots, improve visual acuity, improve glucose utilization, enhance faster healing, reduce wrinkling of the skin, subdue allergic reactions, reduce fatigue and improve circulation.



Amsoil-Altrum Super Energy

Amsoil-Altrum Super Energy

The primary ingredient in A.J.’s Super Energy “stay awake” formula is guarana. Guarana has been used for years as a tonic and stimulant. It combats fatigue, stimulates brain function, aids concentration, relieves headaches and menstrual pain, helps rid the body of excess water, reduces appetite, combats the discomfort of extreme heat and speeds recovery after illness. Guarana helps build stamina, maintain energy and increase alertness.



Amsoil-Altrum Nutritional Supplements
World’s Best Multis and Enzymes

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